The New Adventure

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well, the big event has come and gone. Molly and McKenzie were officially welcomed into this world at 9:41 and 9:43am respectively on November 17, 2008. Molly weighed in at 6 pounds 13 ounces and McKenzie was 5 pounds 11 ounces. Here's a pic of the whole fam (note my cool hat!)

Here are the two girls together just before they left the delivery room.

Molly had some breathing issues and went to the NICU. She's going to be there for a few days while the doctors treat her for possible pneumonia. Here's a picture of her blowing some bubbles for the camera:

Finally, I got to do my first diaper change. Many, many people criticized me and said it did not count since it had no poop in it. Too bad haters! It counts! Here's me and McKenzie right after the successful change:

So, that's where we are. We'll be at Erlanger for a few more days if anyone wants to come and visit. Room 5039 at Erlanger Downtown!

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Last Day

As the last step towards getting ready for the delivery, we went in to Erlanger and did our pre-delivery lab work and pre-registered for tomorrow. Lindsey got a cute bracelet to wear until she gets out of the hospital.

So, that's it. We're all set to go now. We have to be at the hospital at 7am for a 9am procedure. Hopefully, there won't be any emergency procedures that bump us to a later time slot. We would love to see people over the next few days. We'll have 2 babies to share so there will be plenty of babies available to hold. 

We'll post again and send out an email once we have a room and a phone number. Here we go...

P.S. - If you want to check out Lindsey's progress up til now, take a look here: Lindsey's Progress

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Friday, November 14, 2008

New Beginnings

So, here we are. Today is November 14, 2008, and we are a mere 64 hours from the scheduled c-section to meet our twin girls. Anxious, excited, fear...the whole range of emotions are being experienced now. Nine months seems like such a long time but when the end draws close, it doesn't seem nearly long enough.

So, this is a small blog site we setup to track and follow our family as it grows from 2 to 4 very quickly. We'll update it with pictures and commentary of what our new life is like. You, dear reader, will get to see just how witty I am at 3am after very little sleep. That's something you can look forward to!

I'll leave you with our last pre-pregnancy fancy picture we have. We obviously have no idea what was going to happen to us less than a year later

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